I got divorced over a dildoe. Would you like to hear the story? It all started 5 years into our marriage. I have a very conservative husband who is originally from Wisconsin. He was brought up in a strict Christian family. I don't think that his parents ever spoke about sex to him or his brothers. I don't even think they spoke about sex to each other. They probably just had mission style sex once a month. Probably put it on their calendars and scheduled the time and place.

After being married for 5 years I had a real need for some passionate sex or I was going to go crazy. I really didn't want to have an affair even though it was something that I was at one stage considering it. I decided that I would look into buying a dildoe to help me put an end to my sexual frustrations. The challenge was whether to bring my husband in on it and let him broaden his conservative ways or not. I went with the latter and made the purchase by myself.

I used the dildoe just about every day for the first few months and loved it. I would masturbate at every chance that I could get. I had to be discreet about it and hide it so that he never found it. I was having some great sexual relief. I even found myself thinking about it when I was having sex.

After several weeks of self indulgence with my new dildoe I decide to give it a rest as it was consuming me and my pussy. I stopped using it for about two weeks and then I could not handle the want and need to have my dildoe inside me. So I crumbled to the pressure and lunged at it as soon as the husband left for work one morning. I was going crazy with it on my bed and was just about to have the wildest, wettest orgasm and wham! The bedroom door flies open. There stood my husband with his jaw as wide open as my legs. I had the dildoe shoved right up my vagina and I was really squirming. This was not good.

The husband was so distraught that after the rude awakening that he would not speak to me and when we did it was with his attorney to get a divorce (over a dildoe - can you believe it). I tried to explain my needs but due to his upbringing he completely rejected all of my explanations and filed for divorce. Crazy right?? Which woman with red blood running through her veins doesn't own a dildoe??

The dildoe has been the most popular toy in the world even though its to be spelled as dildo. Whether its dildo or dildoe its a great product that will always continue to amaze its users.