Which is the Best Dildoe

Cruises in the US are very popular. I am sure that just about every one of us has been on at least one cruise. Whether it is the Pacific Ocean down to Mexico or the timid waters around the Caribbean or Bahamas we have all experienced them. We all love what they offer. Fun nightlife, the great food and of course the huge amounts that they serve. We all probably over indulged while being spoilt out to sea. Not to mention the loads of alcohol that we all consume while sitting at the poolside. Great times.

Well, here is my storey about a cruise that I recently went on. My family does a trip every year and even though it is quite stressful at times, it always works out to be a fun time at the end of it all. Well my entire family decided to gather up for a cruise to Mexico. We left out of Los Angeles and were sent on our merry way. I managed to include my best dildoe. Which is a Cyber Skin 8 inch black multi purpose dildo. Wow, this is a great big black dildoe that fills my love hole to every part of it with black realist dildo pleasure and I love it.

We were walking up to customs as we were exiting the cruise line after a wonderful fun filled trip we all get stopped by customs so that they can search us. Why us I really don't. So here we sit, my parents my sisters, my kids and my husband. They start searching our bags. The very first thing that falls out onto the floor is my best dildoe, the Cyber Skin 8 inch friend of mine. It rolled out into the open for everyone to see. Everyone just gasped as it was as large as life just lying there for what seemed an eternity. The most embarrassing day of my life.