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After I bought my first dildoe I had an embarrasing experience. The large Cyber Skin 8 inch black multi purpose dildo went through the ordeal at the customs after the cruise. The embarrassing moment when all my families eyes lay upon this larger than life sex tool laying their on the floor. This was a monumental moment for me and I had to get rid of my faithful black dildoe. I just couldn't keep it any more. The embarrassment was too much to handle.

Weeks went by and even months. I didn't really miss it much initially. I think I tried to put it out of my mind completely after the sighting. Then I started to get the urge and the need for the sensation of a large dildoe. The old feelings of pleasure that it gave me came back in huge waves and made me wet instantly. I had to go and buy another dildoe. So I went online and searched the web. I was rather nervous based on my last dildoe experience after the cruise but the need was far too great. I decided to go for something a little different. I bought The Electro Realist six incher that has a suction to give you some nice control. You can sit on it. And work it from all angles. I went for the 6 inch pink one that will be less intimidating than the large black dildoe. Just incase I have another family vacation and my dildoe decides to come out to play in front of the entire family.

Dont let my experience put you off. If you want to purchase a dildoe online, buy with confidence at Goldie Toy Box. Just dont take it on a cruise ship!