use a dildoe



How to use a Dildoe - best dildoe technique.

Some help with using a dildoe. When using a dildoe you probably want to start on your own. This allows you to explore yourself and you new dildoe. After you have explored you self you can always invite a partner or friend to indulge in your sexual pleasure. Remember that cleanliness is top priority when using a dildoe. If you have a rubber dildoe you can boil it. This is the optimal way to keep you dildoe clean. If you go for any other materials you could use a condom as this will keep the porous material clean.

When using a dildoe you must remember that certain dildoes are for certain holes. Most dildoes are ok to use vaginally but if you want to play with dildoes anally. Anal dildoes need to have a flared base so that they don't get fully inserted in the anus.

When starting with your dildoe, start off slow. Remember that slow and steady is the name of the game here, especially if it is a large dildoe that you are putting to use. Slow short strokes will develop into long stroke. Remember to relax and use your mind to fantasize and set your tension free. It all comes down to allowing yourself to enjoy using your dildoe. Let your inhibitions go - dildoe use is so much fun.